President's Week Goals

2009-02-13 23:26:15 by djconnect

So I have this entire week off from school and I plan to get some work done. School gets in the way of code time and studying. That might sound like a odd statement but I would rather study Technology then History, or Science. So this is just a list of things I would like to accomplish in the coming week (I am really fucking board right now).

Have a good time tomorrow with the girlfriend.

Finish a byte of python. It is a short book (110 pages) so it will go quickly.

Restart Steal This Computer Book 4.0

Add to my 'How To Pick A Programming Language' article on and fix some minor bugs.

Research more about certification exams and maybe begin study.

programming, programming, programming


more programming

?web design?

programming lots of programming.

Buy new locks to pick

record a new track, maybe

wow im board


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